Dental Services

Zirconia Implants

July, 2009 Total Mouth Fitness is excited to now offer Zirconia dental implants for replacement of missing teeth. This is brand new technology in the United States and provides an elegant, healthy way to restore function and esthetics. In April, 2009, Dr. Wilke became the first person in San Antonio to have a zirconia implant placed in his mouth and has now completed the restoration with an all ceramic CEREC crown.

For 30 years, implants have been an elegant way of replacing missing teeth, but we have not recommended them due to health concerns when implanting titanium into bone. The big advantage of implants is the preservation of healthy tooth structure, which must be removed when crown preparations are made for a tooth supported bridge. We have been looking for a healthy alternative to titanium implants for many years.

Z-Look3 Zirconia Implants from Switzerland have recently been FDA approved and are now offered at Total Mouth Fitness for their health advantages and beauty! Zirconia is classified as a ceramic and does not conduct electricity; therefore, it has no negative effect on meridian energy pathways. Research shows that the human immune system regards zirconia as “self” and therefore does not react to it.

One problem with titanium implants is that they can show through gum tissue as dark purple, especially on the upper anterior region. Since Zirconia is pure white, it avoids this problem and makes very esthetic, life like restorations.

Z-Look3 Implants are a one piece design. This has some advantages and one disadvantage. One advantage is that a one piece design is very strong. Another is that this eliminates the microgap that is a place for bacteria to colonize under the gum line with 2 piece designs. The one disadvantage is that the white implant sticks out of the gum 4-5mm from the time of surgery. The implant must be protected from any pressure or loads from chewing or the tongue while it heals. Therefore, a protective splint, like a thin clear sports protector, must be worn for 3-6 months. An all ceramic CEREC crown is then made and cemented over the implant.



Cosmetic Dentistry

Crowns, bridges, fillings, veneers, and teeth whitening are just some of the services we offer to provide you complete dental experience. We are dedicated to patient comfort and superior results and we know how important a healthy smile can be!


Full Hygienics

We offer standard teeth cleaning services and assesment of your dental health. Using a variety of technologies and techniques, we can quickly evaluate your status and correct an array of dental issues. Visit our technology page for more information. We are happy to offer the Ultrasonic Services Inc (USI) scaler in order to provide a more comfortable and therapeutic cleaning. We are a fluoride free office and use reverse osmosis sterilized water on all procedures.


Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

The purpose of removing mercury amalgam from your teeth is to eliminate a major source of heavy metal toxins entering your body's biosystem. However, the removal of mercury amalgam is potentially extremely dangerous to you, me, my staff and the environment if certain proven safety measures are not followed. The protocol that is used at Total Mouth Fitness includes some or all of the following: click here for a pdf with more details. Learn more about biologic dentistry @


Dental Surgery

Using the latest in laser technology, we are able to repair emergency dental problems and treat deterioration of the gums and bony supporting structures of the teeth. (See the Periolase section on our Technology page). Often, people avoid dental treatment due to discomfort and lengthy visits. But laser technology provides a very comfortable alternative and allows patients to leave these fears behind and seek the care they need. During extractions, we perform what has been termed, the Huggins Protocol. This involves gentle tooth removal followed by removal of the periodontal membrane, irrigation, and then we use the pulsed NdYAG laser at a long pulse width to sterilize and initiate healing. This protocol greatly reduces the chance of ischemic bone disease (cavitation's) forming as well as post-op discomfort.


Oral Sedation

Have you had a painful experience at the dentist? Believe it or not, Dr. Wilke, had some traumatic experiences as a child at the hands of dentists. Whenever he had a cavity, his family dentist would pull the tooth rather than fill it! Wow, and now he is a great dentist whose main goal is to help people enjoy their dental experience. Once, in Ohio, Dr. Wilke was running around the room at the dental office terrified to sit in the chair. They finally gave him a drink that put him to sleep so they could fill some cavities. While in dental school, Dr. Wilke had his wisdom teeth extracted by oral surgery students. Afterwards he was so excited because for the first time he felt no pain during the entire visit! From that time on, he has committed himself to the Golden Rule, to always treat others just as you would want to be treated.

Have you had a similar experience or know someone who has? We now offer Oral Conscious Sedation here at Total Mouth Fitness. Relax No IV!! That's right-sedation without the needles. Now, you can relax during your dental visit. It is so easy! Bring a companion along to drive you home. This is a safe procedure, but we will still monitor you very closely while you are sedated. The sedation is just enough for you to relax and lightly doze on and off throughout your dental appointment. Call us today for your appointment.


Deep Bleaching™

Dr. Wilke has discovered the most amazing whitening technique! This technique has conquered the most difficult cases of bleach resistant or two- tone enamel. Dr. Wilke was so frustrated that for 25 years he could not improve his wife's smile with bleaching. Her tetracycline stained enamel was bleach resistant and her color was off the charts for crowns or bridges. This technique is the first time he has seen an improvement. This is exciting! If you have deep staining, two-tone, a blotchy appearance or tetracycline discoloration,this procedure is for you!


Dental Materials Reactivity Testing™

For patients that want to be sure the dental material's we use are compatible with their immune system, we offer material reactivity testing by Clifford Consulting and Research. This involves having a laboratory draw one vial of blood which is then shipped next day air to the Clifford Lab. The report lists over 6,500 dental materials as suitable or not suitable with the persons' immune system.


FIT(Food Inflammation Testing)

This test is used to assess and treat leaky gut and help promote a better quality of life by showing you which foods to avoid. The test specializes in measuring innate responses on 132 different foods, emulsifiers, food additives, and chemicals.


Laser Dentistry

The Fotona NightWalker Laser gives us the ability to do pain-free, anesthetic-free fillings as well as cosmetic services including LipLase(SM), SmoothLase(TM), and NightLase(TM). LipLase(SM) is a non-invasive procedure that will give you fuller lips without injections or toxic foreign materials. The treatments boost collagen regeneration using laser energy. Results last between 4-6months, comparable to injected fillers. SmoothLase(TM) treatments use your body's healing process, combined with focused laser energy, to transform the deep support layers under your skin to lift and firm loose skin around your mouth, lips, and chin. It fills in and smoothens wrinkles. SmoothLase(TM) can also be used to treat under the eyes and perform minor neck lifts. Through our NightLase(TM) technology, we are able to perform non-ablative tightening of the uvula, soft palate, and surrounding tissues. The laser treatment causes a tightening of the oral mucosa tissue that is responsible for sleep apnea and snoring.


PRF: Platelet Rich Fibrin

A simple chairside procedure which results in the production of a fibrin membrane that is capable of stimulating the release of many important growth factors involved during wound healing processes that take place after surgery. Increases new bone formation and has a positive effect on early bone healing. PRF reduces post operative infections by 90%, prevents dry sockets, and reduces pain. PRF is totally holistic using only the patients' blood with nothing added.