What Our Patients Say

December 2017

Many years ago, I had some root canal work done and although I’ve seen dentists regularly, no one explained the consequences of root canals to me. About 20 years ago, I saw a dentist to have a horizontal tooth removed, but she only sawed off the tip and left the root in. My wife has been seeing Dr. Wilke for some years now and recommended I see him. Lately, I’ve been having trouble with bleeding gums, so I decided to make an appointment with him. Dr. Wilke found I had several root canals as well as mercury and nickel fillings. He explained the negative effects on my health from these treatments and gave me written information to consider. I had been suffering from headaches, a stuffy right ear, and I couldn’t breathe easily for some time now. Off and on, I would feel pressure in my right eye and it would frequently get red, but I didn’t think any these issues were related to my teeth. When I had the root canals removed and the horizontal tooth extracted, I felt an immediate relief! I suddenly had renewed energy! No longer did my head ache. My ear was open and I could hear better. And I had thought it was full of ear wax! My eye no longer had the pressure on it and I could breathe freely. My PCP had done blood tests on me and even told me I was in very good health, so I thought the headaches, eye pressure, and stuffy ear were within the normal range of health … until I experienced the relief once I had those root canals removed. I’m grateful to the Lord for Dr. Wilke and how God used him to improve my health. Thank you Dr. Wilke and staff! I encourage you to continue in this ministry of healing. As a side note: I was indecisive on whether to have this work done due to the financial sacrifice involved. After considering the health benefits, I decided health is worth the price. And I definitely say it is!



"I've had amalgam fillings for as long as I can remember. Not only did I receive these fillings as a young child, but the military put even more amalgam in my teeth. I was a healthy child and young adult-very physically active and an abundance of energy. Around the age of 25, however, I started having problems with chronic back pain (no injury) and chronic fatigue. As the years progressed, my pain became more widespread and my fatigue became worse. I ended up being medically retired from the military at the age of 33 due to fibromyalgia and major depressive disorder. I was hopeless and thought that I was doomed to a life of terrible pain, extreme exhaustion and major depression/anxiety. However, after a long lost friend and I reconnected, we both found that we had a lot of similar challenges. This led to vast amounts of research, during which we both came to the conclusion that our issues stemmed from all the mercury that had been packed in our teeth over the years. I found Dr. Wilke and scheduled an appointment for an amalgam removal consultation. It turned out that I had nine amalgam fillings plus an amalgam tattoo. I chose to be sedated so I could get everything done at once. I began chelation through Dr. Wilke's detox protocols immediately after the removal. The first month afterwards was rough-I can't lie. My depression, pain, exhaustion-even my migraines seemed to flare intensely. But-things began to get better. Slowly but surely, I began to notice that the migraines I was used to getting 3-4 times a month dropped to once a month. My chronic pain level went from an 8 or 9 out of 10 to a 6. I went from literally feeling like I could fall on my face from exhaustion all day to no longer needing naps. I began working out again. I've now been mercury free for 14 months. I haven't had a migraine in 8 months. My fibro flare ups no longer debilitate me-I'm merely stiff and sore for a few days. Having my amalgams removed is the best decision I have ever made. It's truly been life changing. My only regret is that I didn't do this 10 years ago!"

LM, age 35


Although it has been some years since I had been back to see Dr. Wilke, the amazing quality and customer service was even better! From the smiling and welcoming faces at the front to the rest of the staff. I could not believe how patient and understanding they were adjusting my flipper so many times. I felt so guilty going in over and over for adjustments and I was happily reassured every time that my comfort was their priority. Beautiful and wonderful people! Every one of them. I made the mistake going elsewhere before it was a closer drive and I will never make that mistake again. The quality of work, attentiveness and genuine concern from the staff and almost non existent wait in the waiting room are worth the drive for me. Very grateful! The only complaint I have is not having enough time in the waiting room to read all of the wonderful information provided(which is actually not a complaint at all) :)

Jourdanton, TX


Last week I went in for my dental hygienist appointment at Total Mouth Fitness. I've had a lot of cleanings in my 66+ years of living. I can honestly say I've NEVER had a hygienist who is as wonderful as Teresa! She is so gentle, you hardly know she's in your mouth! Dr. Wilke's office is the only one I know of in San Antonio where I feel completely safe from mercury exposure. Their Christian music is soothing and helps me to totally relax. I'm a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and Certified Gluten Practitioner and my recommendation is to go to a Biological Dentist who practices in alignment with the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) for the safest, least toxic way to accomplish optimum dental health. This should be your FIRST priority in health care. Thanks to the whole collaborative team at Total Mouth Fitness for always providing superior service and for your genuine patient-centered focus.

San Antonio, TX



Dr. Wilke,

It all started in 2005. I was at work by myself when all of a sudden I felt like the wind had just been taken from me. I got dizzy and had to hold onto my desk so not to fall over. My chest hurt like crazy and nothing felt right. I ended up in the hospital that day with all signs of a heart attack. I spent 3 days in a cardiac unit where the doctors were baffled. I had all the symptoms of a heart attack but I had no damage to my heart and there was no blockage or explanation to why.

This was just the beginning:

From that day I was never the same. I would repeat going to the hospital week after week with the chest pains and flu like symptoms that no one could explain. I would have muscle twitches all over my body that would become so painful that if I didn't move positions from time to time that it would be unbearable. My hands would shake so bad that sometimes I could no longer hold onto a cup without spilling it. I would start spending most of my time lying in bed confused and frustrated. I would get the shakes so bad that I couldn't hold my teeth together without chattering. I started to lose my eyesight and could no longer drive. I even had to get glasses, as I could no longer focus my eyes to see. I would get so confused that I could no longer hold a conversation for very long. I could no longer run my company and had to have my wife take over all my duties. I was simply falling apart and had no idea why this was happening to me.

This went on for a couple of years. I owed so much money to hospitals and my credit was ruined from the unpaid bills that kept adding up. I kept going to any hospital that would let me. It was the same thing time after time. They would draw blood and do CT's and MRI's but nothing would show up. One hospital just injected me with morphine and left me in a hallway for 12 hrs until I would go home. It got to the point where they thought I was going mental and even put me on drugs for depression and anxiety. Everything in my life was falling apart. I would lay in bed and just wish that I would die and that my family would be so much better without me around. I would pray to God nightly to end my pain and just get it over with. I just wanted my family to not have to worry about me.

My wife was always taking care of me and would bring me magazines and movies while I was lying in bed. She was my rock and was always trying to find answers to my symptoms by reading magazines and looking up medical websites for answers.

One day she came in after reading a Woman's First magazine. She had book marked an article about a woman who had a horrible time with mercury poisoning from her fillings in her teeth. She asked me if I had any silver fillings. I said yes, I've had them since I was 12 years old. I was supposed to get crowns for them but I never had enough money and simply forgot about them. As she looked in my mouth she could see that almost all of the fillings were cracked and chipped and that I had lines of silver running up my gums. After reading the article I realized that I had every symptom that this lady had. My wife went to a website about Mercury Fillings and read more about it. We were both baffled at how many symptoms I had. My wife looked up local dentists who specialized in filling removals and came across Dr. Wilke.

My wife made an appointment and I went to see Dr. Wilke. I didn't tell the dentist everything that was going on but I filled out the symptom sheet and went through the visit. I was very skeptical but hopeful that something would come from the visit. Dr. Wilke did a thorough exam and explained to me how he would remove the fillings, cap my teeth with new crowns and explained to me that it should help. My family was very hopeful and helped me pay for the procedures. (He only had 6 teeth with large mercury fillings.-Dr. Wilke)

It was about 2 weeks after the last filling was replaced when I started to notice that I could see without using my glasses. At about 3 weeks my muscle spasms stopped. I simply couldn't believe it. After a month I finally had the strength to get out of bed an walk around. Every day I would get a little stronger and could do a few more things. My life had been a living hell and now I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. I can honestly say that if my wife hadn't read the article and made an appointment with Dr. Wilke that I would probably not be here today. The removal of those fillings saved my life and I owe Dr. Wilke everything. I thank God every day that my wife read that article and we made the phone call.

Thank you Dr. Wilke.....YOU saved my life.

S.F. San Antonio,, TX



Dear Dr. Wilke,

A few months ago I came to you and had all my mercury fillings removed (4), along with a bridge with nickel in it. Since then I have noticed a huge improvement in my health. My sinuses are better, I no longer have pressure on the left side of my face. I also use to have pressure in my left ear which is all gone.

Thanks to you , I feel so much better!

S.F. Corpus Christi, TX



When I found Dr. Paul Wilke and his website www.totalmouthfitness.com, for the first time this information made sense. He has a Meridian Chart that relates each tooth to each body part and the importance of using a Dental Dam. I called their office and they were sensitive to my needs and understood for the first time my symptoms and concerns. I visited their office and met the personnel who shared testimonials from their patients. I found one who was also in sales, it brought me to tears – I knew I was in the right place. There was no question that by the end of November I wanted to Mercury Free! I also completed a Compatibility Test and was amazed at the list of allergies I had. I started taking OSR#1® as an immune builder and detox. My last migraine was at the end of November 2009. If I had not found treatment with Dr. Wilke, I truly believe I would be bedridden today. I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for teaching me, making me “Informed” and saving my life! A.W. San Antonio, Texas
(The above patient wrote this shortened form of her testimony for this webpage. To read her detailed story ask the front office when you come into the office.)


We would drive three hours to see you and your wonderful staff!!! We always feel blessed after seeing you all. From the moment we hit the door and are greeted by the smiling front desk....to the moment we leave we are treated with kindness. Thanks for helping Jim overcome his fear of the dentist. God knows before we found you. He certainly had had a lot to fear. We appreciate you all!


It was so comforting to finally find a dentist that understands the thinking about problems with metals and root canals and one who uses natural healing. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Thank you for understanding. When you have something like fibromyalgia most people just don't get it. Thanks for validating my needs for my health.


I always have a great experience when coming in for my appointments! Even on procedures that are on the "rough" side, everyone there makes sure that I am well cared for and put at ease! I have nevver had a bad experience whatsoever! I recommend Dr. Wilke to all I come across and I tell everyone I meet (or who will listen) on my experience with mercury poisoning and what a great job and life changing experience this has been for me!!! Without all of you rguys I had a very grim future ahead, but no longer! I have hope in my life again! Thank you to each and every one of you guys!!! God Bless to all!


I had two mercury fillings removed several months ago, and I feel there has been a big improvement in my mood. I was thinking over the past few months what has happened or changed to make me feel so “emotionally stable.” My circumstances have not changed yet I feel calmer in general- and was trying to pinpoint why I felt this way. The only thing I could come up with was it all correlated with feeling better after the mercury was taken out of my body. I also took 100mg of OSR for about a month. Thank you for what you do Dr. Wilke!

San Antonio, TX


When I first came to your office I was highly toxic, in severe pain, couldn’t function mentally or physically, and emotionally I was a wreck. I had a hard time walking and was unable to drive myself and unable to care for my four children. I was 41 years old.
I decided to look up a more holistic approach to things and I found your name on the internet and loved what I read. I made an appointment and received the best care I have ever received. The staff is so wonderful and caring.

I had 2 mercury fillings, 1 mercury tattoo, 3 root canals, and 3 crowns with nickel and beryllium in my mouth. Dr. Wilke started treatment on me immediately and found out what properties I was allergic to, like nickel. All of my previous dentists told me that there were no worries to have nickel in my mouth-can you imagine that?!

After Dr. Wilke took care of everything in my mouth (which took about 3 months time) I couldn’t have been happier. I started to think more clearly, my memory became better, and most importantly I feel great. I can spend time and care for my kids as well as have date nights with my husband again. I am even back to exercising and driving myself all over Texas.

Thank you for your kindness, patience, and your knowledge of how dangerous these toxic chemicals are to our bodies. I can’t thank you all enough.

Schertz, TX


I am almost 74 years of age, and about a year ago Dr. Wilke removed the mercury from my mouth. Before doing this I had several headaches a month. Since then, I’ve had three minor headaches, and generally I feel more normal than I had in years (since my 40’s). I’m glad I had this done, as I attribute a large part of this success to having the mercury removed.

San Angelo, TX


Since having all of my amalgam (silver) fillings replaced, I have noticed relief from seasonal allergies and sinus problems!

San Antonio, TX


Over the past several years I’ve struggled to overcome the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Along the way I noticed my immune system seemed to be getting weaker and weaker. I was becoming sensitive to more and more foods and even synthetic detergents and plastic. I had to lie down and rest for an hour or more because of extreme sleepiness after eating.

The doctor who was helping me recover from fibromyalgia (Dr. John Parks Trowbridge, MD. Humble, TX), strongly encouraged me to have my mercury fillings removed to give my immune system the desperate boost I needed. I asked him what priority I should assign to having the fillings removed. His response was, “it should have been done yesterday.”

I immediately contacted Dr. Wilke, whom I knew was a mercury-free dentist, and he worked me in right away. Because I had been working on recovering from my illness for a long time and had developed a heightened awareness of how my body is reacting to various protocols, I could tell within a few days of getting the mercury fillings out of my mouth that I had turned a corner. Whereas I had been reacting adversely to more and more foods and substances, I now felt my immune system started to operate better. It was as if an obstacle to the effectiveness of my other health regimens had been removed. What had been a slow slide downhill now seemed to be the start of a climb toward better health.

I am now almost 100% recovered from the fibromyalgia which I had for 15 years. I am also 100% convinced that getting the mercury out of my mouth was an essential and crucial part of my success story.

San Antonio, TX


For a while I thought I was getting dementia. My short term memory was getting very bad and my long term memory was also beginning to worsen. Since getting all of the metal out of my mouth, I have noticed a definite improvement. My memory is not as good as it used to be but there has been a definite improvement.

San Antonio, TX


Sweets were a big part of my family’s life, and by middle school I had a mouth full of amalgam fillings. In my 20’s I started having reoccurring vaginal yeast infections. By my early 30’s I started having what I called my “hormonal headache,” a single headache every month before my menstrual cycle that increased with intensity to a migraine. Plus, I was losing my hair.

Gynecological work ups, blood work, and even a trial hormonal patch didn’t provide relief. However, all my lab work was normal. My gynecologist finally said to me, “I don’t know what to do with you.”

Later, I was introduced to Richard Massey, M. D., physician in Fredericksburg, Texas, who read my blood. He pricked my finger and placed a few drops on two slides. In less than 5 minutes looking at the microscope, he told me I had heavy metal toxicity and all of my symptoms were related to this. I began chelation therapy, eating fresh cilantro, applying clay packs, removing amalgam fillings, and doing hot tubs with detoxifying herbs in vortexed, magnetized water.

A number of years earlier, I began having my amalgam fillings removed. However, at the time I did not know how important it was to go to a specialist for this. My dentist took no precautions, and to this day I know what amalgam tastes and smells like. I have compassion for my previous dentist, his chair side assistant, and staff because although the work was done on me, we were all breathing this into our lungs.

Dr. Massey recommended I have the last few amalgam fillings removed by a specialist, Paul Wilke, D.D.S., who was equipped to deal with the complexities of removing them. I had the opportunity to experience Dr. Wilke in October 2005, when I had amalgam removed from two of my back teeth. I was amazed at the level of precautions he took for not only me, but for himself, his chair side assistant, and ultimately his staff. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing dental care.

It is only after working on removing the heavy metal from my system and my amalgam fillings that I can truly begin to feel the difference in my self physically and mentally. I feel better and think clearer today at age 50 than I can ever remember. I have more energy and absolutely no complaints!

San Antonio, TX


Since my mercury removal I have had very little sensitivity to cold; before I couldn’t even drink water. Also, my allergic reactions have decreased both to airborne allergens and food.

San Antonio, TX


I had been told 7 or 8 years ago that I had CFS, which worsened about 3 yrs ago.I have had vast health benefits after the Cavitation Surgery I received in your office. Since the surgery, I have also been increasing my exercise program (mainly walking) and being more active in church and family.

Odessa, TX


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional, courteous, and extensive expertise you exhibited in taking such care in the removal of all of my mercury fillings. I cannot express any more profoundly, as to the noticeable improvement in my overall health. I am well aware that only a doctor, who is knowledgeable with this very serious procedure, could have done this for me. I am forever grateful.

San Antonio, TX


I want to tell you again how very pleased I am with the new fillings. I had asked to have the old mercury fillings removed only for cosmetic reasons, not realizing that I would experience an improvement in my general health. (Medically, I had heard only that mercury was inadvisable for those who have neurological problems.) I had been plagued with allergies and frequent sinus infections throughout most of my adult life. Since the mercury fillings were removed in October 2003, I have not had any sinus problems!

San Antonio, TX


About two months ago my wife, Dawn, and I were in for root canal removals and replacement of the mercury fillings with nonmetallic fillings. We were informed by a nutritional doctor that these procedures would make a difference in our health, and I am writing this letter to let you know that it has made a difference. I don’t have the fatigue that I did before the procedures and I generally feel better.

I also want to thank you and your staff for making this a pleasant experience. You all were very courteous and made us feel comfortable. I want to say especially to the hygienist that the cleanings we were given were the best cleanings we’ve ever had. We appreciate the time she took to do such a good job. Everybody was great-even you, Doc.

Fort Scott, KS


Dr. Wilke, I can’t tell you how happy I am with my new teeth. They certainly make me feel more attractive. Health wise, I can see God’s hand in leading me to you and getting the job done. Thanks to all and may the Lord richly bless you.

Port Orange, FL


I have been a patient of Dr. Wilke’s for two years. My mouth is mercury free. My memory is clearer and not as forgetful. Thanks to Dr. Wilke, my dental health has improved greatly.

San Antonio, TX


Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with the results of Kaley’s teeth! They are beautiful and she has received many compliments. Thank you to everyone in the office-you are all so friendly. We look forward to being patients for a long time!

San Antonio, TX


This June 2002, I was really sick and in a lot of pain all over my body. I have arthritis real bad and can barely walk or drive my car. I am 53 years old so this was real hard on me. I came to see Dr. Wilke because I heard a friend of a friend in church talk about removing fillings and root canals. I had my fillings and root canals removed and started feeling better in two months. I also eat better and stay off sugary foods. Dr. Wilke really did help my a lot. Thanks!

Austin, TX


Thanks for being the “GREATEST” dentist in all of San Antonio!! Your staff is A+…see you next year.

San Antonio, TX


For the last 30 years, I have had some health problems from time to time. In 1971 I had low blood sugar and extreme weakness. Then I had muscle and tendon problems. The chiropractor became my best friend because of the regular visits to her office. Then I had heart problems and on and on. For the last two years I could not function because of lack of energy and I just was not feeling well. Ten months ago I started seeing an N.D because my regular doctor could not find any problems. The N.D recommended supplements etc, and asked me about my teeth. Well, I had all of my teeth taken care of five years ago (all are crowns). After 7 months I gave in to having my teeth checked using your special equipment, feeling sure nothing would be found to be a problem. 44 years ago I had all my wisdom teeth removed. Later I had 2 root canals. One of these was removed five years ago—Boy, was I shocked to find the problems in the cavitations of the wisdom teeth and in the root canal. Since Oct 25, 2002, when you performed surgery and also removed the root canal, I returned to life! It is so great to feel like doing all of the things waiting to be done. I’ve cleaned house, gone shopping, gone to basketball games, cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 25 family members and friends and enjoyed all of these activities. Dr. Hines, the N.D, is still working with me to repair damage done to my system and to support my adrenal glands. It is great to enjoy life and to look forward to all the activities with grandchildren, family, & friends. Thank you for putting me on the road to recovery.

Idalou, TX


For any skeptics who doubt the abilities of complete healthy dentistry, you will find it here. Dr. Wilke has totally removed all metals from my mouth plus, made all of the necessary corrections, changes, and adjustments for improved total health. My stamina, energy, and positive well being have increased immensely. Again, I would like to thank Dr. Wilke and staff for this wonderful transition for better productive health.

San Antonio, TX