Teeth Bleaching


In Office or At Home, We Have the Option for You

Two Options Available:

  • Opalescence Boost™ Deep Bleaching – (2) In Office Visits with upper and lower trays for home use
  • Opalescence Boost™ Bleaching – (1) In Office Visit

The benefit is that teeth can be whitened in a fairly simple manner. This system can be up to a 2 hour appointment, upper and lower from start to finish. The only instructions after application is that for the first 48 hours, your teeth will be especially vulnerable to staining. For this reason, you should avoid tobacco and any food or beverage that would stain a white blouse. When you walk out after your appointment you will have that instant whiter, brighter smile!

This whitening system that we offer is most efficient if the 2 treatments are done consecutively, within a one to two week time period.

Requires 2 office visits. Impressions will be taken on the first appointment. Less than a week later you will be able to pick them up with Opalescence applicators.
Requires 1 office visit. These are professional teeth whitening strips that are available in our office. These strips will mold to your teeth and are almost invisible. This is a gentler whitening process that lowers the possibility of sensitivity. The Carbamide strips are slower releasing than hydrogen peroxide. Periodic touch-ups may be necessary depending on patient preference. Many patients choose to whiten every 6-12 months.

WARNING: These products should not be used by children under 12 or pregnant or nursing women.

You may experience any or all of the following during treatment: a) sensitivity to hot or cold: b) soreness of teeth and/or changes in the bite: c) burning sensation of gums and/or throat: d) soreness in your jaw joint (TMJ). These are usually slight and temporary and stop when treatment is discontinued. If there is a risk and it is unknown, when you accept treatment, it means acceptance of risk.

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